MCD Level 2 Course

I have created a course walking through all of the practice exam questions for the MuleSoft Certified Developer Level 2 Certification.

You can access the course on Udemy here.

The couse provides additional context to all 60 questions including references to the documentation as well as demonstrations in Anypoint Studio & the Anypoint Platform in order to give a complete understanding of the components discussed. The course covers explanations of both correct answers and details of incorrect answers such as how they may be relevant in similar scenarios and where they are trying to catch you out.

The course currently (5th July 2023) has 105 Students enrolled with a 4.7 star rating (highest rating for similar courses). Course Rating

Story of the course

I started creating the course when I was studying to pass the exam myself in order to help me understand and learn the content thoroughly. Initially I published the videos to YouTube but unfortunately a malicious copyright claim was made against the content causing YouTube to remove the videos and the channel (after reaching over 400 subscribers). The copyright claim was raised by a random gmail address (not MuleSoft) and I won the Counter Appeal when I contested the claim. Unfortunately by this point my channel & content had already been removed and I’ve not been able to get in touch with Google to resolve the problem. I moved the course over to Udemy after getting several messages on LinkedIn asking what happened to the videos.


If you have read this far and would like a discount to the course then send me a message on LinkedIn.